Noor Cultural Centre

Community Project | Noor Cookbook

Mar 29th 2012


Noor is creating a community cookbook to provide cooking options that are ecologically conscious and contain local Ontario ingredients.  We hope to be able to make this cookbook available for purchase by the community.

All recipes – savoury or sweet, originating from any part of the world – are welcome, provided they meet two requirements:

1) They are vegetarian or vegan (vegan is vegetarian but also excludes all animal by-products, such as eggs or milk).

2)The central ingredient (for example, the central ingredient in potato curry is potatoes) is grown in Ontario.  It does not matter when the ingredient is available, as long as it is grown at some point in the year.  Please consult Foodland Ontario or as a guide for determining what is available in Ontario throughout the seasons.

Please send all recipes and questions to with the subject line Noor Cookbook and please indicate if you would not like your name to be published with the entry.

Entries are due by April 23, 2012.