Noor Cultural Centre

Film And Discussion: Sharkwater

May 1st 2017

Sharkwater: Screening and Discussion

sharkwater by rob stewart

In honour and memory of Rob Stewart, marine biologist, conservationist and underwater filmmaker who died January 31 during a scuba diving session, at age 37. We pay tribute to Rob and his inestimable work by screening Sharkwater, the first of his three shark documentaries, followed by a discussion with science journalist Alanna Mitchell.

Rob Stewart brought unprecedented attention to the precarious status of sharks in our ecosystems. His documentaries inspired many for the first time to view them empathetically, as communities living according to their nature, as do all life forms on this planet- in a complex and delicate web of interconnectedness.

[Q6.38: There is not a creature moving on earth, nor flying on wings, but that it is of communities like yourselves. No single thing have we neglected in our decree. Again – unto their Sustainer shall all be gathered.
Q55.7-8: And the skies God has raised high, and devised for all things a balance, so that you too might not transgress the balance]

Sharkwater went on to win numerous awards at top film festivals. His follow-up film, Revolution (2012) builds on Sharkwater, examining environmental collapse, and also received numerous awards.

In 2016, Stewart launched a kickstarter to fund Sharkwater: Extinction, a sequel to Sharkwater that would focus on the many million sharks killed per year that are unaccounted for by scientists. He was working on the film at the time of his death.

Program Details:

-Screening of Sharkwater (90 mins)

-Remarks and discussion led by Alanna Mitchell.

Alanna Mitchell is a journalist, author and playwright. Her topics deal with the intersection of science, art and society. She recently turned her international best-selling book Sea Sick into a play that she is performing internationally.

Date: Saturday, May 6

Time: 7.00-9:30pm

Location: Auditorium, Noor Cultural Centre 

Cost: $5