Noor Cultural Centre

Islamic Art Workshop: Hajj Tile

Aug 13th 2019

The Sacred Sanctuary: Tile-Making Workshop
Taught by : Unaiza Karim

This Hajj-inspired workshop of Islamic art is ideal for parent-child pairs or sibling pairs. Children are ideally aged 9 and older. Adults without children may also participate singly.

In this workshop, you will work to create a painted tile in the style of traditional Ottoman tiles depicting the sacred sanctuary of Mecca. These tiles were often placed in mosques on the qibla wall facing the direction of Mecca. Sometimes they were acquired by individuals as commemoration of their pilgrimage.

Traditional Ottoman motifs and painting styles will be presented and practiced over the course of this workshop, alongside insights into some of the architectural features of the sacred sanctuary of Mecca, also known as ‘the Haram Sharif’ .

Class cap: 16 pairs/32 participants
Pairs may include: one adult and one child; two children (at least one aged 12 or older)
Adults without children should register individually.

Unaiza Karim is an artist and Islamic Arts educator. She graduated with her Masters degree In Visual Islamic and Traditional Arts from The Prince’s School of Traditional Arts, London, UK. She has specialized in the decorative arts of the Quran and her work has been exhibited in the UK, Canada and Beyond. She now resides with her family in Canada and offers tailored Islamic Arts programming for both children and adults.

Date: Sunday July 28
Time: 2-6pm
Location: Upstairs classroom, Noor Cultural Centre
Fee: $55 – includes cost of all materials (1 tile, papers, paints), plus light refreshments
Registration: click here. Deadline – Tues July 23, 5 pm
One registration can include either:
a) pair – one adult & one child; two children (one should be 12+)
b) individual – one adult
Inquiries: or (416) 444-7148