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Islamophobia in Canada: Educational Resources

Jan 12th 2022
Islamophobia in Canada: Educational Resources
In the aftermath of another fatal attack against Muslims in Canada, and in anticipation of a national governmental summit to strategize in response to the victimizing ideology, Noor Cultural Centre reminds you of our numerous educational resources on Islamophobia in Canada. Addressing Islamophobia requires understanding the phenomenon in its breadth and depth and, specifically, recognizing its long-standing and global history, its systemic nature, and its perpetration by all sectors of society beyond individual acts of mass violence.
All information communicated in Noor Cultural Centre resources is referenced, and supported by statistical data and academic analysis.
Highlighted Resources:
The ‘Islamophobia is…’ Video Series
Details: five short animated videos on different elements of systemic Islamophobia in Canada, addressing:
  • Islamophobia beyond hate crimes;
  • Islamophobia in the media;
  • the myth of the Muslim ‘terrorist’;
  • gendered Islamophobia; and
  • the myth of ‘shariah takeover’
Also includes: a comprehensive resource list delving into topics addressed in the videos; and an Educator’s Guide, to support the usage of the videos in the classroom (Grades 6-12)
‘Islamophobia in Canada’ Report
Details: a comprehensive report on the state of Islamophobia in Canada, addressing:
  • perceptions of Islam/Muslims in Canada
  • Islamophobia in the media
  • Islamophobic hate incidents
  • Islamophobia in governmental policy and practice
  • gendered Islamophobia
  • the limitations of existing infrastructure for remedying Islamophobia
‘Myths & Facts about Islam/Muslims’ Report
Details: a fact sheet addressing the dominant narratives about Islam and Muslims that sustain Islamophobic thought and practice. Covers the following areas:
  • myth of Islam/Muslim violence
  • myth of Islam/Muslim misogyny
  • myth of Islam/Muslim transphobia & homophobia
  • myth of ‘shariah’ as barbaric and a threat
The above resources and more are permanently available via the ‘Islam and Muslims’ resource page located on the homepage of the Noor Cultural Centre website (