Noor Cultural Centre

Jumaa Program Cancellation, Until Further Notice

May 30th 2020

Jumaa Cancelled Until Further Notice

Jumaa programs are cancelled effective March 13, until further notice, in response to the Covid-19 contagion.

While the spread of Covid-19 has so far been limited in Ontario and Canada overall, the precaution of avoiding group gatherings is well-advised, to minimise occasion for unconscious spread. There is an incubation period during which an infected person may not have symptoms, but be contagious.

Inshallah, with prompt responsible action from all quarters, Covid-19 spread can be contained.

Click here for information about Covid-19, the symptoms and treatment.

Program cancellations for special situations (such as the Covid-19 contagion, or extreme weather conditions) are always posted on the Noor website and Facebook.