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Lecture | Islamophobia: The Long History of a Violent Present

Nov 3rd 2021

Islamophobia: The Long History of a Violent Present
By Dr. Asma Barlas 

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Islamophobia (disproportionate fear and/or hatred of Islam and Muslims) manifests pervasively at both interpersonal levels and state levels. 

In the wake of the most recent lethal attack on a Muslim family (in London, ON, on Sunday June 6),  believed to be an Islamophobic hate crime, Canadians have sorrowfully – but wearily – responded with compassion and support.  But it is important to understand the wellspring of the anti-Muslim sentiment (i.e. Islamophobia) – one that manifests at so many levels, beyond the extreme acts of violence which attract mass attention and repulsion. 

Please join us for this important lecture on the long genealogy of today’s Islamophobia in the West, by prominent scholar Dr Asma Barlas (Professor Emerita of Politics, School of Humanities and Social Sciences, Ithaca College, USA)

Program will also include a screening of the first video in the ‘Islamophobia Is’ series –  five video shorts and accompanying resources on systemic Islamophobia in Canada – and Q&A with Prof Barlas.

Date: Thursday June 17, 2021
Time: 6 pm
Admission: Free 
Location: Virtual – to access, click here at the appropriate date/time. 
Please note: you do not need a Facebook account to view the live event, although you will need one to make comments and ask questions.