Noor Cultural Centre

New Islamophobia Resources

Feb 5th 2018

Resources on Islamophobia 

Noor Cultural Centre has produced two new educational resources on Islamophobia.  Please read and share:

Islamophobia in Canada
This report was submitted to the Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage in November 2017, as part of its study on systemic racism and religious discrimination in Canada.  The report provides an overview of Islamophobia in Canada at the interpersonal, institutional and state levels, specifically covering the following areas: 1) Perceptions of Islam and Muslims in Canada; 2) Islamophobia in media; 3) The prevalence of Islamophobic hate incidents; 4) Islamophobia in national security laws, policies, and practices; 5) The impact of Islamophobic laws on Muslim women; and 6) The limitations of human rights tribunals and courts in providing remedies for Islamophobia.

Islamophobia in the Canadian Media 
Through examples of mainstream media coverage in response to violent incidents perpetrated by Muslims versus those targeting Muslims, this report demonstrates how our mainstream media is complicit in perpetuating Islamophobic myths about Muslim proclivity to violence.

These two resources will be located permanently on the page ‘Resources|Islam & Muslims‘, which contains information/links on Islam and contemporary issues facing Muslims/Muslim societies.