Noor Cultural Centre

Questions of an Ineffable Place: An Organ Symphony by Afraaz Mulji

Aug 24th 2021

Questions of an Ineffable Place: An Organ Symphony by Afraaz Mulji

Noor is pleased to host its first online concert, in time for the Eid ul-Fitr celebration.  Please join us for ‘Questions of an Ineffable Place’ – an organ symphony by Afraaz Mulji, who will be performing on a neo-baroque organ installed at the Azania Front Church in Dar-es Salaam, Tanzania. 

Following the performance, Afraaz will answer questions about the spiritual inspiration and artistic basis for his work. 

Date: Saturday May 15, 2021
Time: 7 – 8:30 pm
Location: Virtual by Zoom (access details will be sent to all registrants)
Admission: Pay-what-you-can
suggested solo ticket – $20; suggested group ticket – $40
Registration: Required – click here.
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About the Symphony: ‘Questions of an Ineffable Place’

In the spiritual desert, the music will serve as a much-needed oasis. However, in order to reach the oasis, the traveller will need to go through many mirages. To arrive where they began….

This organic symphony, composed and performed by Afraaz Mulji, is inspired by, and draws from, the Fatimid tradition of Majalis al-Hikma – ‘Gatherings of Wisdom’ traditionally held after the collective afternoon prayers and sermon, during which ‘Friends of Allah’ would commune for further esoteric teachings and discussion. 

The symphony is divided into four movements, which symbolically represent the ‘four doors’ of Sufism: Shari’a (exoteric path), Tariqua (esoteric path), Haqiqa (mystical truth) and Ma’rifa (final mystical knowledge).

Through polyrhythmic and polymetric gestures, Mulji will explore the notions of space and ‘home’ in the nomadic sense of the word.  The work is rendered in the spirit of ecstatic experiences, and the search for spiritual truth and enlightenment.  It is an expression of love for the ineffable, and for the human condition.

About the Artist: Afraaz Mulji

Afraaz Mulji is a multidisciplinary artist, composer, poet, philosopher, and curator; and a virtuoso pianist and organist specializing in avant-garde classical and free jazz who has been referred to as ‘Maestro’ – an honorific title bestowed upon great musical artists – by the University of Dar es Salaam and the Tanzanian Philharmonic Society; and ‘Ustad’ and ‘Tabla Nawaz’, since the age of 8, in recognition of his virtuosity on the tabla (Indian drum).

Afraaz self-identifies as an improviser and considers his music to be a genre-bending exploration across myriad musical traditions. He describes his work as lying somewhere in the hazy intersection between theatre of the absurd, harsh noise, lyrical Sufi poetry and architectural sound design.