Noor Cultural Centre

The Founders

Philanthropist and business leader Hassanali Lakhani and his wife Noorbanu, along with their children Karim, Samira, Abdul Munim, and Nizar, founded Noor Cultural Centre in order to give something back to Canada, where they’ve made their home since 1988. The Lakhanis dreamt of a permanent centre to foster excellence in Islamic education and learning, a place that would uphold social justice and gender equality. Hassanali believes that “learning is a form of worship too, because, as I have found, the more you learn about the world and creation, and the more you reflect on it, the more awed you are with the majesty of the Creator, and the greater your worship.”

With a gift to York University of $0.5 million, the Lakhani family established the Noor Fellowship in Islamic Studies in 2003 to develop and promote the relationship between the academic and Muslim communities. In 2006, the Fellowship was converted into a Chair with an additional gift of $1 million.

In June 2005, Hassanali Lakhani received an honorary Doctorate of Laws degree from York University in recognition of his significant philanthropic contributions to the Toronto Muslim community. In November 2007, the Lakhani family was awarded the Human Relations Award from the Canadian Council of Christians and Jews.